Lifestyle in Kakinada

Lifestyle and entertainment have become two of the most important part of modern lifestyle. It has become a necessity to have a healthy lifestyle in today’s hectic world. Different people have different choices in maintaining their desired way of living. Some prefer Yoga, while others like gymnasiums for their fitness. Similarly, some of them like to being pampered in a beauty parlour after a hectic week while others like to visit a club or a fashion house for their relaxation. Kakinada offers all of these facilities and a lot more to all of its citizens to relax and enjoy their life.

Lifestyle in Kakinada

Yoga Centers in Kakinada

Kakinada is home to various yoga centers and people of all ages visit them regularly to maintain a healthy lifestyle. To some people yoga brings the mush required peace and relaxation from their daily routine while for others it acts as a way of weight loss and weight management programme. Here are the details of some of the renowned places for yoga in Kakinada:

Patanjali Arogya Kendras
69-15-15 Srinivas Nagar, Bank Colony, Kakinada - 533003
+(91)-9440721717, 9573301810

Red Cross Yoga Center
Kakinada Ho, Ramaraopeta, Beside Tripura Sundari Temple, Kakinada - 533001 Vivekananda Park 

Art Of Living
Kakinada Ho, Valasapakala, Kakinada - 533001

Yoga Chaitanya Center
Door No 13-16c-33, Santhinagar, Kakinada Ho, Kakinada - 533001

Prajapita Brahma Kumari Eeswariya Viswa Vidyalayam

70-1-6/5, Pitapuram Road, Sarpavaram Junction, Opp Spencers, Kakinada - 533005

Beauty Parlours and Spas in Kakinada

Beauty parlours have become an essential part of life in today’s world. They offer all types of grooming services to both men and women. Additionally, some of these parlours offer spa facilities as well within their premises. Most of the big brands of this industry have set up their shops in the city of Kakinada. Here are some of the renowned beauty parlours of the city:

VLCC Health & Beauty Care Ltd.

Door No 11-11-6, Nookalamma Temple Street, Above Shanti Plastic, Opposite Raja Tank Park Gate, Ramaraopeta, Kakinada - 533004
+(91)-9000260374, 8125944999, 7207722555

Charms Beauty Clinic
50 Buildings Center, Endownmwnt Colony, Kakinada - 533003
+(91)-884-2340005, 2371325

Pinks N Bloos
12-1-18, 1st Floor, Temple Street, Opposite Sri Bala Tripura Devi Temple, Kakinada - 533001
+(91)-884-2347955, 2349855

Taj Beauty Care
10-6-1, Three Lights Center, Ramaraopeta, Near Coastal Medicals, Kakinada - 533004

Lakme Beauty and Obesity
Kakinada Ho, Kakinada - 533001

Gyms in Kakinada

Lifestyle in Kakinada

People of Kakinada are very much health conscious and the same can be easily understood from the number of gymnasiums located in the city. Some of the most famous gyms of the country such as Talwalkars have their presence in the city. Additionally, various local gyms are available for the people to get fit and stay the same forever. Here are some of the most famous gyms of Kakinada:

Talwalkars Gym
D No 12-1-20, Jawahar Street, Surya Rao Peta, Near Bala Tripura Temple, Kakinada Ho, Kakinada - 533001
+(91)-884-2345812, 2345813

Fitness Zone
D No 2-43-37, Bhaskar Nagar, Santhinagar, Near Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Kakinada - 533003

Crunch Fitness
Door No:2-68, UP Stairs Central Bank Of India, Indrapalem, Opposite Musalamma Temple, Kakinada - 533006

Clubs in Kakinada

Various recreational clubs have made their presence in today’s world. People like to have memberships of these social clubs for different kinds of get together and events. These clubs help people in bonding with each other and with their families. Several clubs are located all around Kakinada and some of the most prominent of them are listed here:

Officers Club
Raghava Street, Ramaraopeta, Collectorate Compound, Kakinada - 533004

Rotary Club
Satya Prasanna Nagar, Near Kalpana Theatre, Kakinada Ho, Kakinada - 533001,
+(91)-9849663333, 9848663333, 9949471678

Young Mens Happy Club
Kakinada Ho, Kakinada - 533001

Cosmopolitan Club
Kakinada Ho, Kakinada - 533001
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