Healthcare and Emergency Services in Kakinada

Healthcare and emergency services are the prime need of any city, and Kakinada fulfills both of these in a very efficient manner. The city of Andhra Pradesh offers world class healthcare and emergency facilities to its citizens all the time. Government and private hospitals have their presence here to treat all types of patients. Various diagnostic centres and medical shops are located throughout the city for sudden need of medical help. Ambulance and police services are available for all the citizens on a single phone call. Numerous blood banks cater to the needs of all the needy people in case of any health related emergency.

Health Care in Kakinada

Hospitals in Kakinada

Kakinada is home to numerous hospitals and they offer all required facilities and services to its visitors. There are more than 100 hospitals situated all around the city and caters to the needs of not only the people of Kakinada but neighbouring cities and towns as well. Some of the hospitals are specialized in one field such as an eye hospital, while others offer various treatments under one roof. Many large hospitals such as Apollo Hospital and Vasan Eye Care Hospital have their presence in Kakinada.  Government General Hospital of the city is located at GGH Road and caters to the needs of a huge amount of patients everyday. Some of the best private hospitals of the city include Apollo Hospital, Trust Hospital, Vasan Eye Care Hospital and  Siddhartha Hospital. Here are the contact details of prominent hospitals of Kakinada:

Apollo Hospital
Door No 13-1-3, Subash Road, Near II Town,
Suryaraopet, Kakinada - 533001
+(91)-884-2345700, 2345800, 2345900, 6693333, +(91)-40-23607777

Trust Hospital
Dno 3-29, Madhavapatnam Road,
Sarpavaram Junction, Kakinada - 533005
+(91)-884-2382381, 2382382

Sravani ENT Hospital
Dno 21-1-29, Jawahar Street,
Near Ttd Kalyana Mandapam,
Kakinada Ho, Kakinada - 533001
+(91)-884-2375575, 2368833

Surya Global Hospital
Madhavapatnam,Samalkot Road,
Near Railway Crossing, Kakinada - 533003
+(91)-8500669554, 8500669557
+(91)-884-2326000, 2326001

Vasan Eye Care Hospital
House No- 6-1-37, Nookalamma Temple Street,
Kakinada Ho, Kakinada - 533001
+(91)-884-2362888, 3989000

Siddhartha Hospital
Door No 34-1-20, Temple Street, Gold Market Centre,
Near Malabar Gold Jewellery, Kakinada Ho, Kakinada - 533001
+(91)-884-2368521, 6662002

The Ramya Hospitals
9-11-130, Elwinpeta Road, Gandhi Nagar, Kakinada Ho, Kakinada - 533001

Safe Emergency Hospital
Bhanugudi, Kakinada - 533003
+(91)-884-6563344, 2383366

Government General Hospital
GGH Road, Government Hospital, Kakinada - 533001
+(91)-884-2302001, 2302132

Mother and Child Hospital

2-4-10, Bhanugudi Junction, Behind Padmapriya Theatre, Kakinada - 533003

7 Star Super Speciality Hospital

Door No 20-1-61, Main Road, Opposite LIC Building, Kakinada - 533001
+(91)-884-2388888, 6668888

Srujana Multispeciality Hospital

Bhanugudi Junction, Srinagar, Kakinada Ho, Kakinada - 533001

Diagnostic Centers in Kakinada

More than 40 diagnostic centres are located all around the city of Kakinada. Some of them are located within the premises of the hospital itself, while others are located outside the same and operates individually. These diagnostic centres offer different kinds of services including Sonography, CT Scan, Bloot testing, X-Ray, HIV testing, Urine testing, ECG testing, Pregnency testing, Cancer testing, Dental X-Ray and many more. Most prominent diagnostic centres of the city include Swarna Diagnostics located at Behind Padmapriya Complex, Pooja Scan Centre located at Ramaraopeta, Bharat Diagnostic Centre located at Nunnavari Street in Jagannadhapuram and Phanish Diagnostic Centre located at Jagannaickpur.

Nursing Homes in Kakinada

Nursing homes fulfills the needs of elderly and sick people. All those who require 24 hour care and assistance due to any medical related reason usually find nursing homes the best option. Kakinada is home to several nursing homes. Some of them are open for 24 hours a day while others have a fixed timing. Some of the renowned nursing homes of Kakinada include Ravi Chandra Nursing Home located at Gopalakrishna Street, Vijaya Nursing Home located at Jawahar Veedhi and Sai Sudha Nursing Home.

Pharmacies in Kakinada

Pharmacies in kakinada

Medical stores have always been on the priority list of any city. Every locality of the city require at least one pharmacy within its premises. Medical stores cater to the needs of all the people for any kind of minor and major sickness. Kakinada has many pharmacies located all around the city and they offer all kinds of medications inluding alopathic, ayurvedic and homeopathic. Medical stores that are open 24 hours a day include Apollo Pharmacy located Near Sita Ram Nursing Home, Medicals located at Bhaskar Nagar and Sri Devipriya Medical & General Stores located at Jagannaickpur.

Blood Banks and Ambulance Services in Kakinada

When it comes to emergency services, blood banks and ambulances are always on the top list of everyone. Blood banks offer its services to all of the people who are in need of blood of different blood types. Various blood banks are located throughout the city of Kakinada. Similarly, several ambulance service providers are located in different parts of the city. The only thing required to do from the people's perspective is to give a call on 108 helpline to avail ambulance services in Kakinada. Various Blood Banks of the city include Mother Theresa Blood Donors, Indian Red Cross Society and Chiranjeevi Voluntary Blood Donars Club. Some of the ambulance service providers of the city include Mani Ambulance Service located at Revenue Colony and Kakinada Ambulance Services located Near Vijaya Nursing Home.

EMRI Contact No. -
108 (To call for ambulance)

Indian Red Cross Society (Blood Bank)

Dno 8-14-39, Red Cross Street,
Near Pratap Nagar Police Station,
Gandhi Nagar, Kakinada - 533004

Chiranjeevi Voluntary Blood Donars Club
2nd Floor, Saijyothi Chambers,
Subhadra Arcade Complex,
Bhanugudi Junction, Kakinada - 533003
+(91)-9291403040, 9848194784

Mother Theresa Blood Donors
D No:57-3-11/1, Yesu Vari Street,
Near Ramalayam, Jagannaickpur,
Kakinada- 533002

Fire Brigade and Police Services in Kakinada

Fire brigade and police are two other major emergency service providers of any city.  Kakinada has several police stations and fire stations within its premises. District Fire Office of the city is located at Veterinary Hospital Road in Ramaraopeta, and  other fire stations are located at Jagannaickpur and Salipet Main Road. The city has many police stations and the main one is located at Cinema Road itself. One town police station is located at Wharf Road and Two town police station is located at Suryarao Peta Main Road in Suryaraopet.

District Fire Office
Veternary Hospital Road, Ramaraopeta, Ramaraopeta, Beside Town Bank, Kakinada - 533004
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